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MSB Energy Associates, Incorporated

MSB Energy Associates, Incorporated has offered comprehensive energy consulting services since 1989. Our clients have included businesses, federal and state government agencies, consumer and environmental organizations and utilities.

Issues addressed by MSB on behalf of our clients include: de/reregulation, restructuring and electric industry transformation, power system planning, transmission and distribution systems, rates and regulations, energy resource procurement and strategy, energy efficiency program planning and analysis, customer billing strategy and analysis, and customer aggregation.

Our citizen group assistance includes policies and programs for low-income populations as well as native villages and tribal governments. Of particular interest are issues of air quality and the environment along with renewable energy resources and green power.

Energy supply and use affects all areas of modern life. MSB has the experience and ability to provide support and solutions to our clients in the fast-changing world of utility restructuring.



MSB Energy Associates, based out of Middleton Wisconsin, delivers comprehensive energy consulting services. We provide professional, timely, and cost-effective services to businesses, government agencies, consumer and environmental organizations, and utilities.

For more information about our services please email info@msbnrg.com.